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We invite you to live a week that can change your life. Meet a magical place surrounded by nature in its purest state. We have a few retreats you can enjoy several times a year and some exclusive to some occasions. All of them are made thinking about your wellbeing.


Retreats that come and go with the waves 

We invite you to experience a retreat of surf, yoga or detox in Ericeira. Either if it's a week or just a few days,  be sure to find a magical place surrounded by stunning deserted beaches and the unforgettable beauty of wild nature.

Detox day

Can you imagine the benefits of spending a day without food?

Take a day to cleanse your body and settle your mind.


1 night accommodation


Ayurvedic and Reflexology Massages


Want to have clarity of thoughts and feel more energized?
A change in your diet results best whenit's accompanied by a transformation of the mind and emotions.


6 night accommodation

1 month diet plan

Chi Kung, Yoga and massages

Astral map and home Feng Shui

Chi kung and Yoga week 

Chi Kung and Yoga, both combined, give you the opportunity to make you aware of your full potential, so you can find a new way to see yourself and the world.


6 night accommodation

Every meal (vegetarian meals) included

Yoga and Chi Kung sessions plus massages

Surf week

Does the contact with the ocean make your heart beat faster? Be surrounded by nature and stunning landscapes. A week with surf, healthy food good people and positive vibes.


6 night accommodation

Every meal (vegetarian meals) included

5 surf lessons with teacher and surf equipment included

Detox Weekend

Giving our body what it deserves can be a blessing when in harmony with our mind! This is your opportunity to refresh before returning to your weekly routine.


2 night accommodation

Personalized medical evaluation, conserning dieting

Meditation, massages and themed walks

Two weeks Detox

Save more time for yourself and see the differences.
The body reflects our mental and emotional patterns. Create new habits in this two-week detox.


12 night accommodation

2 month diet plan

Chi Kung, Yoga and massages

Astral map and home Feng Shui

Yoga and Surf week

When you are in the ocean with a surfboard, you are alone with just the sky and the sea. Yoga not only expands your body but also your mind. Combine both surf and yoga to honor your body and mind. Just breath.


6 night accommodation

Every meal (vegetarian meals) included

Qigong and Yoga lessons plus massages

Yoga week

Yoga not only expands your body but also your mind. 

Take your time to relax and find your center. Take care of yourself.


6 night accommodation

Every meal (vegetarian meals) included

Yoga lessons included


Other retreats

Here you can find retreats exclusive to a certain period. These are usually one time retreats, so pay attention to the dates when making a reservation.


Are you a mother and need time to take care of yourself?
Do you want to know new strategies to deal with your child (ren)?
Do you need to (re) connect with you?
Do you want to learn to communicate more consciously?
It's 2 days for women-mothers to stop, look at each other and find the mother they want to be. Two days full of activities, dynamics, content, strategies and sharing in a safe and pleasant place, in contact with nature. Come and awaken a new relationship with your child (s), healthier and more uncomplicated, through Conscious Parenting and Emotional Management.


 "Mom's retreats"


For women who wish to experience the fullness of their personal power, step by step, through the path of beauty.


This course shares the teachings that have been handed down by healers, healers, midwives and shamans from various countries and traditions. It presents ancestral and contemporary practices for healing and deep self-knowledge. Its essence is the reconnection with the natural cycles of women and the Earth.


Come join this clan of medical women! You're most welcome!

Intensive Training

 "Awakening Women's Medicine"


The purpose of this retreat is to liberate everything that is not part of your essence and which prevents you from giving and receiving love in full.

This retreat uses practices that harmonize mind, body and soul, help in the healing process and balance health, with the objective to rescue the inner freedom of each one, through group dynamics; meditation; exercises for your self; hiking; moments of silence to connect with your interior, with mother nature and vibrate in peace, harmony, love and well-being.


Give yourself a gift and come with us on this journey that will mark your life forever.


"Free yourself for Love"


Is there a way to an inner peace?
Of course!

Life is not the same, there is an invisible world too, and the possibilities to open that same reality, if you are able to see Bright Light in your soul, be able to awaken that consciousness and see that life can be imagined and lived with much more detail, with much more alive and with much more magic.
Within us lies life, inevitable and strong!

May you keep open to him!
Revitalizing You, Rising and


Breaking Patterns!

Intensive Retreat

 "Within me is the cure!"